Red Rock Springs – Shopping For Alkaline Water In Las Vegas

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Summerlin Las Vegas Red Rock Spring Water Alkaline Water Refill Station


The Best Alkaline Water Refill Nearby

Summerlin, Nevada is a beautiful city . With the mountains in the distance, it is always a perfect place to take a walk or go on a hike. Especially if you are looking for Alkaline Water Refills. Red Rock Springs is just one of many potential destinations for people who are looking to spend some time outside.


Purified Water Or Alkaline Water, We Have It All


Red Rock Spring Water Refill Station In Summerlin Las Vegas


Red Rock Springs offers 2 types of water refills at their location, each with its own pros and cons. Purified reverse osmosis water is relatively cheap and a perfect source of drinking water and the ionized alkaline water which costs $1.50 per gallon is twice as refreshing and amazingly loaded with numerous health benefits.


Our Alkaline Water Is Loaded With Minerals and Nutrients

Our Alkaline water has trace minerals that are essential for human beings. It is fresh and lightly carbonated. Its pH level is above 9 which makes it very alkaline.

The Red Rock Spring Water contains the following important elements: calcium , magnesium , sodium , bicarbonates, chloride, carbonates, sulfates, chlorides, nitrates and phosphates. All these elements are vital to our health and make us feel better. You cannot find these minerals in tap water and even in the majority of bottled water.


Alkaline Water Sold By The Gallon

The Red Rock Springs Alkaline Water refills are healthy for us in several ways. For instance, it supports our bone system because it contains calcium and magnesium. Also, our immune system operates better due to the presence of sodium in the water. Our digestive system is enhanced because of high concentration of bicarbonate in the water.

Drinking a gallon of alkaline water each day for a month can help your body remove toxins and assist with acid reflux . Additionally, drinking alkaline water can assist with eliminating toxins in our skin and increase the elasticity of our skin. Drinking alkaline water helps to reduce swelling and inflammation which can help ease arthritis pain.


Red Rock Springs Alkaline Water Bottle Refill


Summerlin Las Vegas Water Refill Station Red Rock Spring


Alkaline water is clean drinking water that you can drink daily without any harmful side effects. It is ideal water for all ages including babies because it does not contain fluoride. It’s loaded with electrolytes and is an antioxidant that fights free radicals and imbalances in the body.

Alkaline water helps your body eliminate toxins, increases energy and helps with heartburn, gastritis, and ulcers. In fact, Alkaline water is a powerful pain reliever. It can help ease inflammation in joints and allow for better circulation.

Alkaline water is highly effective in warding off disease because it increases the resiliency of the immune system which helps your body to fight parasitosis. It also increases dental health.


Our Summerlin Alkaline Water Store Has The Highest pH Levels


Red Rock Spring Water Alkaline Water


Have you ever been concerned that the alkaline water you are drinking is lacking nutrients? If you come into our store we can do a live demonstration and show you that all our alkaline water is above a 9.0 pH which is perfect for an alkaline diet. Our pH levels are very high and we have the highest pH levels in the Las Vegas valley.

Come into our store for free sampling and enjoy a taste of the best alkaline water in Las Vegas. We invite you to come in and find out why alkaline water tastes so good! For more information please click here.

We carry alkaline water bottles for home use or take them with you if you are on vacation.



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