Las Vegas Alkaline Water Refill Station

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Red Rock Springs Water Alkaline Water Entrance Summerlin Las Vegas

Red Rock Springs Water is the best place in Las Vegas to buy and refill your alkaline water. We have a variety of filtered water to choose from but alkaline water is by far the most popular type of water that we sell. Alkaline water is healthy for your body because it has a pH level of 7.3 or higher. It is healthy for your body because it has a pH level of 7.3 or higher. Alkaline water is said to be better for dissolving toxins in the body when compared to regular water which means that when you are able to buy alkaline water that is sold by the gallon at our store, you will have even more of your body being repaired and rejuvenated with every sip.


“The Best Alkaline Water Store Near Me”


Red Rock Springs Water Alkaline Water Store Summerlin Las Vegas


You can bring your own water container or buy one at our location and fill it up with alkaline water that you can use at your home or office. It’s like having the perfect water hydration every morning, every night, and even at the gym.

Alkaline water has been linked to a number of different benefits. Some of the benefits that alkaline water has been proven to have is that it can be used as a metabolism booster, detoxifier, and it is highly beneficial for those who exercise because it helps with bloating and muscle aches.


High Quality Alkaline Water Store


Armando at Red Rock Springs Water Alkaline Water Summerlin Las Vegas


The quality of Alkaline water at our Las Vegas store is one of the best in the entire state of Nevada and having a store that sells a wide variety of different types of water from different companies should make customers very satisfied. Not only do we sell pure alkaline water but we also sell many other varieties of water such as filtered reverse osmosis water. You have options to choose from. You should come check out Red Rock Springs Water today.


The Best Reviewed Alkaline Water Store In Las Vegas


Sam Metcalf Owner Red Rock Springs Water


The reason that we have such loyal customers is because of the store owner. Comedian and former radio talk show host Sam Metcalf is a small town guy in a big city with small time values and the biggest heart. He cheerfully greets all his customers when they first walk into the store and leaves them with a great laugh for the day and a memorable experience.


Discover Our Alkaline Water Store

The high quality alkaline water at our Las Vegas store is sold by the gallon and you will be sure to love it.






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Sam Metcalf

Sam Metcalf

Sam is the owner of the Red Rock Springs water store in Las Vegas Nevada. He's a former comedian/radio talk show host. He has been in the purified water business industry for over a decade. He loves his work because it allows him to share a laugh and educate people about the importance of drinking purified water. Red Rock Springs water is one of the most trusted brands in the greater Las Vegas area.


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